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Patient  Feedback

"Ben and I are very pleased with the service at E  A  H  S, and Dr. Anderson is great!"

                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hawks, Jr.
                                                                        Crewe, VA

"Dr. Betty is one of the nicest and most understanding persons I have been to as a patient.  She takes time to explain what and why she is doing.  I feel free to call and ask about my hearing aids if I have a question.

                                                                       Mr. Jim Miller
                                                                       McKenney, VA

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend the services offered by Dr. Betty Anderson.  I have a moderate hearing loss and had previously worn hearing aids prescribed by another audiologist.  However, I lost them and did not bother to replace them because they didn't help me much.   Later my hearing deteriorated further and, having observed my mother's success with a hearing aid prescribed by Dr. Anderson, I sought her advice.    I am now wearing hearing aids prescribed by Dr. Anderson and am extremely pleased with how well they work and with Dr. Anderson's caring and professional support.  

                                                        Anne Stiles
                                                        Blackstone, VA

My undergraduate work was done at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. From there I went to the University of Virginia and earned a dual Master's degree in both Audiology and Speech Pathology.  I earned a Doctoral degree in Audiology from the A.T. Still School of Health Sciences. I hold Virginia licenses in Audiology, Speech Pathology, and a Hearing Aid Specialist license. My first work after college was starting a speech and hearing services program for a large pediatric medical practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. After that I moved to Richmond and worked for twenty-six years at two offices here. EAHS started in November, 2015 and I have worked there since that time.

I love to help people in the areas of hearing and speech.  People tell me this love shows through in the work I do for them and they come back to see me.

If you have a need or just some questions about your hearing and/or speech, please contact me and give me the privilege of meeting you and working out a satisfactory solution for your situation.

Everyone with a hearing loss or speech issue knows how either of these can isolate us from our family and friends. Many of us have a loved one with these needs and we can see how this affects their life and contributes to interpersonal difficulties.

Whenever there is a concern about either hearing or speech it raises barriers between people and erodes the easy, relaxed, communication with others that was once enjoyed.

However, the vast majority of speech and hearing problems are easily and successfully remedied. It is simply necessary to find the right person with the right skills, knowledge, and equipment to work with you.

Please contact Dr. Betty Anderson to see if she is that person for you!

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